Alright, I’ll give in… Another option: Teaching


Every time I tell people that I’m an English major, they assume I am going into teaching. Although a great career, it does get annoying after awhile because I, personally, would make a terrible teacher. (Kids are not my strong-suit!)

However, if you are passionate about sharing the love of literature, writing, and reading, this may be the career for you! There are many grade levels you could teach, do you like little kids and want to introduce them to reading or do you enjoy polishing a more developed mind in literature?

English teachers can work with kids in writing, reading, grammar, and many different areas of English. If you are particularly interested in a topic, there is a great chance you would be able to focus on it in your very own classroom!

It is important to note the transition that the internet, social media, and e-books has created in today’s youth. They have introduced acronyms like “LOL” or “OMG” or shorting words like, “srsly,” or, “lyk.” I have seen it on my own Facebook page and I think it is a new challenge for educators today.

Sometimes, in certain districts and states, an education degree is not even required. Check it out and consider this career today! Not only will you find it rewarding with the benefits, you are also constantly influencing and inspiring future generations.


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