The many options within publishing…

My previous post dealt with publishing as a career, but what many people don’t know is that there are so many different levels within a publishing company that are available.

Editorial is one of them. Within this department, the editors edit manuscripts, meet deadlines, and meet with authors. They often work a lot of overtime in order to finish reading through a manuscript and have meetings around the author’s schedules. However, if you find the right field to be an editor in, like science fiction, non fiction, or textbook information, you may be immersed in information that you love!

Not only do editors work for book publishing companies, nearly all companies require an editor, whether it is in law, science, business, and so many more. All businesses put out information that needs to be edited, whether that is in a newspaper, advertising, informational pamphlets, business handbooks, textbooks, websites, etc.

So, yes, jobs within book publishing may be limited, but if you enjoy correcting and reading other people’s work, the possibilities are endless!


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