A Library: An English Major’s Heaven


I think every book lover dreams of the library from Beauty and the Beast, and envies Matilda for dragging that wagon full of books home from the library. So, essentially, being a librarian is a dream career for most English majors.

However, librarians are more than just the elderly, cranky women who tell you to “shhh” for turning a page too loudly (although, at the library I work, all the librarians are extremely nice!)

Librarians need to be able to search databases and be well versed in the layout of the institution. Many people don’t understand that a library is a business, too. They need to budget, plan, maintain their materials, operate as the “book police” to make sure patrons return the books, and maintain the library as a building, business, and public space.

Without librarians, the free sharing of books, reference materials, and databases would be impossible!

If you love surrounding yourself with books, people, and knowledge, a job in library science is a great place for you!


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