Technical Writing


It may seem horrific for an English major to be unable to use metaphors, descriptive language, or character development, but some people enjoy just writing the facts. Technical writing is just that: being able to describe something in a clear and concise manner.

Technical writers are employed by almost every company that needs brochures, company descriptions, and basic company materials. They essentially work to make sure that the company they are writing for maintains professional in its publications. Technical writers also gather photographs, arrange and edit materials for publishing, confer with co-workers and customers in order to successfully publish the material.

It may be surprising, but the majority of their day is spent learning and educating themselves in the topic they are writing about. If they are incorrect in any way the company is in trouble. Writing is a small portion of their duties, because they first have to find what to write about and then actually publish it, while working with many departments and people to get it done.

This is a career that can be found anywhere and any place. If writing is your thing and enjoy learning and getting information across concisely, this may be the job for you!



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4 responses to “Technical Writing

  1. Out of many definitions of technical writing, I really enjoy yours the best. I like facts, and I love technical writing. Yet, technical writing can still be flavorful, a little humorous, and most definitely interesting, if you put some thought into your text.

    The comic strip reminds me of myself. However, instead of thinking those things, I say them out loud.

    Again great post!! Mind if I press this in my blog?

    Let me know -Sarah

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  3. Great post, where did you get that illustration? It’s brilliant! (I’m a tech writer)

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