Even more salaries!

As I said before in this post, salaries are an important aspect to consider when on the job hunt.

Today I’ll focus on the careers of Technical Writing and Journalism. As always, there is a wide range of different salaries for every career depending on level, location, and company. Here are the averages for these two:

Technical Writing: Average salary is $61,000. Some more serious topics, like Nuclear procedure writing, can earn up to $127,000!

Journalism: Average salary is $28,000. Although you may not be a billionaire, every day is different for a journalist and the excitement and rewards may outweigh the paycheck.

When thinking about internships, you may not receive any pay, but the experience acts as money in your bank account.

Although money is essential for today’s world, the most important thing to consider is whether you are passionate for the career you are working towards. If you aren’t happy, money won’t buy it for you.


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