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The importance of experience…


In your post-grad job search, it will be nearly impossible to find a job when you have no experience. I have learned that through your classes in school you can have great experience with writing, computer programs, media tools, and more. However, it is important to look into those additional “resume boosters.”

Internships are key in building your career. Not only does it look good on the resume, but it gives you confidence, skills, and the edge on the other applicant. They are a great way to learn whether the career you are pursuing is the right one. I have known countless people who have completed internships and found that, the career they wanted isn’t exactly what they thought it was. Even if this is the case, you learn valuable professional skills along the way.

It is especially important for English majors since the job world is competitive.

Heads up: internships are often unpaid, but the experience you receive is priceless. You build connections, your resume, and your potential. So start searching for some summer internships and start getting your foot in the career world!


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Salaries… important to consider!


I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happiest, no matter the kind of money (or lack thereof) you make. It is important, however, to be informed on the salaries and benefits you can receive from prospective careers.

For now, I will point out the salaries of the careers I have already written about. Of course, these vary by city, degree level, and each specific work place. Here goes!

Public Relations specialist: $53,000 on average. This incredibly when comparing it to the average, $40,000 that it was in 2004. It has steadily increased since then, so it looks like this career is prospering, to say the least!

Paralegals: $58,000 on average. There are many different options within this career which have varying salaries, like paralegal managers who can make up to $85,000, while entry-level paralegals make around $48,000. So if you work your way up, it is well worth it!

English teacher: $53,000 on average. This is with the obvious benefit of vacation time, healthcare, and much more!

Publishers: As we discussed in this post, there are many different areas within publishing, and therefore, many different salaries!

Entry-level:                                                       10+ years:

  • Editorial: $30,100                                           Editorial: $71,000
  • Sales/Marketing: $$34,000                          Sales/Marketing: $93,125
  • Management: $62,500                                   Management: $149,000
  • Operations: $40,350                                       Operations: $65,000

So, if you have the passion for publishing, it will pay off in the end… literally!

Editors: $53,000 on average. Some in New York, however, can make over $100,000!

Marketing coordinator: $50,000 on average. Benefits include, 401K, time off, disability, healthcare, pension, and social security!

Librarian: $58,000 on average (with a master’s degree). This has actually increased 2-3% since 2009! In bigger libraries like Harvard Library or New York Public Library can be over $300,000!

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