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The skills we acquire as English majors…


Thanks, Whitworth English!

When thinking about an English major, people usually think all we can really do is read and write. That isn’t the case, however, because in order to do these tasks successfully, it takes so many other skills.

English majors have:

“…the ability to comprehend, digest, summarize, analyze, and interpret complex discourses; secondly, it requires skills in research, bibliographic control, database management, and effective presentation and publication of reports and documents of all kinds. ” Thanks, GMU.

From my own experience, especially, I have learned how to analyze things thoroughly, whether that is a book, a concept, or an argument. It is easy to read an article or a statistic or what-have-you and believe it because you read it, or believe it is reality without looking into why someone wrote it or presented it. As an English major, you learn to look beyond what is in front of you. This is important in so many different careers. Some careers that we have discussed, like marketing and public relations, are a few examples that use these skills. If you are a marketing manager and see a statistic about how your company is making less money than your competitor, you could either think, “Well, this sucks. They must just be better than us,” or you could think as an English major would and say, “There is a reason behind this. I can fix this if I find the root of the problem.”

There is more to analyzing a text than most people think. We learn about reading between the lines not so we can see the overlaying metaphor of a Shakespearean play, but to use this skill later in life when we are working at a company, teaching, or writing.


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Marketing… The most “math” an English major can handle

“In addition to well-developed oral and written communication skills, English majors have been noted to have a tremendous capacity for research and critical thinking” Leslie Stevenson (director at University of Richmond’s career development center)–Thanks CareerRookie.com

Marketing is another great option for English majors. Again, a useful double major is communication, as you learn skills for representing and communicating with various industries. However, as many of my fellow English majors will agree, analyzing is an unavoidable task for papers, literature, and other areas, which is inherently linked to critical thinking. Analyzing data and sales is a huge part of a marketing coordinator’s job. You must be able to think big picture while still looking at minute details, which is, essentially, an English paper!

We English majors are also extremely creative. In marketing, advertising is a key component in which they need to think outside the box and get the viewer’s attention. Creative wording, storyline, or appearance is essential.

Planning and organizing meetings and presentations are a huge part of marketing, so if you enjoy public speaking and sharing your ideas, this career may be perfect for you.

I would suggest a double major in Communications, but, in my (biased) opinion, the creativity and skills of an English major are key to being successful in marketing.

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