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Writers: the many different salaries…


As I discussed in this post, there are so many different ways to be a “writer.” Here are a few with the salaries that go along with them!

Author: Average: $53,000. This depends on the type of novel, publishing company, and success of the novel you write! Get writing!

Playwright: Average: $38,000. This depends heavily on success of your work and the city you live in. If you have a passion for this industry and you are talented, your chances of a higher salary are great!

Magazine writers: Average: $32,000-60,000. This varies with the type of writing you are doing, whether it is permanent, or freelance.

As I always say, nothing replaces the gratification of doing something you love! Don’t let money hold you back!


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How could I leave this one out: Author/writer.


When becoming an English major this is the career that most people think you will go into. For some, however, it is! Writing can be a very successful career for those who are educated, talented, and have a passion for the industry!

Writers produce original written materials for books, magazines, websites and more. There are often two genres in which a writer works: fiction and non-fiction. They then use their genre in the field of authorship they choose: novels, biographies, plays, and more.

Every writer is different; one might enjoy the hectic atmosphere of a restaurant to write in, while others need a peaceful, quiet room. They can often work whatever hours they choose. When an author gets inspiration there is no time schedule to attend to (other than your deadline)!

If you enjoy writing, whether that it creatively or not, this is a great career for you. Every day you will be doing something you love. Start brainstorming for your work today!

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An unexpected choice: Public Relations

My other major, other than English, is in Public Relations Communications, so I thought I would start out my first career post with Public Relations. I think an important tip for an English major is to have another major to go along with it. Communications is an excellent choice because it opens up countless opportunities and career paths. One of these is Public Relations.

It may surprise people that a lot of writing and knowledge of the written word goes into PR. A Public Relations specialist is, essentially, the face of the company. The company’s reputation depends on the PR person’s decisions and ability to write positively for the company. According to princetonreview.com, a PR specialist must be a great communicator in print, person and over the phone. They work alongside journalists, consumers, management, sales and much more in order to get the best information and perspective on the company.

It is important to note that any company needs a Public Relations specialist. Whether it is in the media, food industry, retail and so much more. So, if you’re looking into English, this is definitely an option for you! You will constantly be writing and producing professional content like press releases, speeches, tweets, and more.

Internships for PR are constantly available and a great way to break into the business. March is the perfect time to start looking for summer internships, so if you think this career could be an option for you, get started today!

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